Neutrophils simplified

"The bravest warrior is the Neutrophil. It is the first one to go to the battlefield. They gobble up their enemies!"

What you need to know about this warrior -

What does a neutrophil look like?
It is multi-lobed.
It is full of  neutrally staining cytoplasmic granules.
What does that mean? @_@
When you stain cells with an H&E stain, eosinophils take up bright red and basophils stain dark blue.
Neutrophils are neutral, they aren't biased and take blue and red stain equally. This makes them look pretty pink in color.

What is the function of a neutrophil?
By a process called chemotaxis, they are the first to come in during an inflammatory process. They recognize bacteria which are coated with IgG and C3b (Opsonized bacteria). Then, they eat up the micro-organisms by a process called phagocytosis.

What is the normal neutrophil count?
40% to 60%
The marginating pool: 50% of the neutrophils are adherent to the endothelium of blood vessels. This is known as the marginating pool.
The circulating pool: They are the cells which are circulating in the peripheral blood. The circulating pool is measured in a complete blood cell count.

Cool fact:  Corticosteroids inhibit the activation of adhesion molecules. It means that the 50% of neutrophils that were stuck to the endothelium are now freely circulating in blood. This is why, intially, there is neutrophilic leukocytosis in corticosteroid therapy.

That's all!

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