Announcement: Immunowesome releasing tomorrow

Hello everyone,

As you guys probably already know - my co-author, Bobby V. Shirke, and I were working on a book, Immunowesome. We finished writing the book a while ago and we planned to publish it and sell it on Amazon Kindle for a few dollars. However, we were so busy that we stopped after finishing the book and receiving copyright.

So today, we decided that instead of letting the book sit in my computer and collect (binary) dust, we will release it for free on Immense Immunology Insight :)

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PayPal supporters will receive a printable pdf (I will try to send it asap if you request it, but then again, I am a resident and super busy so may not be able to get back to you!)

2. Supporting the authors website by visiting and sharing the page!
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Releasing cover page and contents page today as a teaser :D

- IkaN

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