Chapter 2: Lymphoid structures

Chapter 2: Lymphoid structures

Chapter 1: Overview of innate versus adaptive immunity

·        Immunity is defined as having the adequate biological defenses to disease, specifically infectious disease, or any unwanted biological invasion.
·       The collection of cells, tissues, and molecules that has the capability to resist harmful microorganisms or viruses is called the immune system, and the coordinated reaction of these cells and molecules to infectious microbes is the immune response.

Chapter 1: Overview of innate versus adaptive immunity

Immunowesome: Cover page

Immunowesome cover page by Nakeya Dewaswala and Bobby V. Shirke

Announcement: Immunowesome releasing tomorrow

Hello everyone,

As you guys probably already know - my co-author, Bobby V. Shirke, and I were working on a book, Immunowesome. We finished writing the book a while ago and we planned to publish it and sell it on Amazon Kindle for a few dollars. However, we were so busy that we stopped after finishing the book and receiving copyright.

So today, we decided that instead of letting the book sit in my computer and collect (binary) dust, we will release it for free on Immense Immunology Insight :)

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Releasing cover page and contents page today as a teaser :D

- IkaN

Why does Hyper IgM syndrome predispose to P jirovecii infections?

Here is an interesting concept.

We know that in Hyper IgM syndrome, there is an inability to undergo normal class-switching or somatic hypermutation in B cells.

It is characterized by normal level of B cells with diminished levels of IgG, IgE and IgA and with high levels of IgM.

That is why, these patients are susceptible to infections by extracellular pathogens that require class-switched antibodies for clearance, such as pyogenic bacteria.

But why would it predispose to P jirovecii (P. carni) infections? Pneumocystis doesn't require antibodies for clearance!

Hairy cell leukemia

I am raising awareness about hematological malignancies this month.

Today, it's all about hairy cell leukemia.