About IkaN: Why do I love blogging?

A lil something about us <3

I am IkaN ^__^

Since I haven't really (in)formally introduced myself to you all.. I thought I'd write something!

I use immunology information gained through books & lectures, Adobe Photoshop, a piece of my imagination, random ideas and compose them in a simplified way to create what I call magic! It makes people smile, it helps people understand immunology, inspires and aids learning.. Isn't it all just magical?

Everyone enjoys comics. We've been reading comics and seeing illustrations in coloring books since we were little kids. Immense Immunology Insight is way of delivering comics, information and laughter to students and I love doing it.

I have to admit that immunology, or any subject for that matter, is tough and it can get overwhelming and pressurizing sometimes. The anxiety and nervousness is best reduced by having humor, loving your subject and making it fun.. We can't always do it all by ourselves, that's why, we need friends & the internet to cheer us up and make life happy. I feel that I contribute to a small part in taking the exams and study pressure off and it makes me happy. I am even more reassured by the fan-mails and the love I receive from you all in the form of a like, a re-blog or just a view on my blogger dashboard!

We do not understand everything.. But the only time it gets frustrating is when we fail to understand things that we should or are expected to understand. I try my best to solve doubts and questions people ask me as soon as possible. The hope that I make someone's life a little bit simpler brightens my day like nothing else!

There are infinite things to write, understand, illustrate, explore & be happy about. I am looking forward to doing it all & having you as a part of it. Yes, you out there reading this note from me. I hope you enjoy studying, love what you do & be happy! :')



  1. If you ever doubt whether these help others or not,
    i can say: thank you very much!
    This really help my study :D
    Keep it up!

  2. Thiiiiis is really helpful. .thaaank yoooou

  3. You correlate things amazingly,thank you for blog,it helped me clear my ideas about the subject.