Eosinophils simplified

"Eosinophils are loaded chemicals. They attack their enemies with toxic substances."


What you need to know about this warrior -

What does a eosinophil look like?
It has a bilobed nucleus.
It is full of  eosinophilic staining cytoplasmic granules.
What does that mean? @_@
When you stain cells with an H&E stain, eosinophils take up bright red. They are acid loving.
These little granules contain many chemical mediators.

What is the function of a eosinophil?
They take part in inflammation like neutrophils by chemotaxis and phagocytosis.
Eosinophils, along with it's buddies the basophils and mast cells, are important in allergic reactions.
The granules in the eosinophil contain major basic protein that kills invasive helminths.
They release these cationic proteins by a process called degranulation.

Did you know?
Large parasites, such as worms, cannot be ingested by phagocytes; however, when the worm is coated with antibody, eosinophils can attack it through binding via their Fc receptors.
Similar attacks can be mounted by other Fc receptor-bearing cells on large targets.
These cells release the toxic contents of their granules directly onto the target, a process known as exocytosis.

They also keep the arteries patent by vasodilation via histamine and degradation fibrin clots. (It's like keeping the roads open for getting new supplies for the battle)

What is the normal eosinophil count?
1% to 3%

Cool fact: Eosinophils are the only inflammatory cell that has crystals in the granules.
Sputum of asthmatic contains degenerated eosinophils that have formed crystals that look like spear heads. They are called Charcot-Leiden crystals.

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