T lymphocytes

Killer T cell
T lymphocytes
T cells further differentiate into:
CD8+ cytotoxic T cells: They kill cells that are infected with viruses.
CD4+ helper T cells: They provide essential additional signals that influence the activity of other cells. Helper T cells allow macrophages to become more efficient in killing engulfed pathogens and stimulate antigen activated B cells to produce antibodies.
Mnemonic: Some T cells are ready for (four, CD4+) giving a helping hand (Helper cells). Some T cells are so toxic (Cytotoxic cells) that they ate (eight, CD8+) other cells.
Regulatory T cells: They suppress the activity of other lymphocytes and help in controlling immune responses.

Helper T cell

What are memory cells?
Some of the B cells and T cells differentiate into memory cells, which are responsible for the long-lasting immunity. Memory cells will readily differentiate into effector cells on a second exposure to their specific antigen. Memory cells are responsible for successful disease prevention by vaccination.


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