BugsFeed: 4 bacteria that forgot how to bacteria

1. Mycoplasma - They are devoid of cell walls.

Yup. They lack cell wall precursors like muramic acid. No fixed shape or size. You could easily mistake mycoplasma for a virus, they even pass through bacterial filters!

2. Actinomycetes - They look like fungi!

I mean, the only reason we consider it as a bacteria is because it contains muramic acid in it's cell wall. Otherwise, those branching filaments scream the word, fungi!

3. Chlamydiae - Obligate intracellular parasite. Are you a virus? 

They fail to grow in cell free media, they get filtered in bacterial filters. Why are you called a bacteria, anyway? Well, they do have DNA, RNA, ribosomes and replicate by binary fission.. So let's count the poor energy parasite as a bacteria.

4. Mycobacteria - Here's another rod shaped bacteria that sometimes shows filamentous forms resembling fungal mycelium.

So let's call it 'mycobacteria', you know, fungus like bacteria!
Unlike you regular gram positive and gram negative bacteria, they are acid fast.

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