What is the difference between immunogenicity and antigenicity?

Immunogenicity vs Antigenicity

Question: Can I ask what's the difference between immunogenicity and antigenicity?
Asked by: myonetwo

Insight: My advice to you is, if you can’t understand things, think of pizza!

Immunogenicity is the ability to induce a humoral and/or cell-mediated immune response.

If you can convince your mom to make pizza, you are immunogenic (Or pizza-genic!)

Antigenicity is the ability to combine specifically with the final products of the immune response (i.e. secreted antibodies and/or surface receptors on T-cells).

If you can eat the pizza (bind to the final product of what your mom made) you are antigenic.

Fact: Although all molecules that have the property of immunogenicity also have the property of antigenicity, the reverse is not true.

If you are making your mom make pizza, duh, you ARE gonna eat it. If you are immunogenic, you are also antigenic.
But say, your dad comes home and he sees the pizza and eats it. He didn't induce your mom to make pizza (not immunogenic) but he ate it anyway (antigenic).

Hope it clears things up. Now I’m gonna go eat a pizza ;)