Morphology of lymphocytes

"Lymphocytes are the smartest warriors. These masterminds command the whole immune system. Since they are small, they attack from a distance."

Lymphocytes (B cells & T cells) morphology
What you need to know about this warrior -

What does a lymphocyte look like?
It has a large round nucleus. It is darkly staining & blue to purple in color.
It has little to almost no cytoplasm (So scanty that it is barely even visible!)
It forms a thin pale eosinphilic rim around the nucleus.
I call it the little one, because it is only a little larger than a red blood cell.

Did you know?
There are two kinds of lymphocytes - B cells & T cells.They can not be differentiated on morphology alone.

What is the function of a lymphocyte?
Coming soon! [ This is just teasing ;) ]

What is the normal lymphocyte count?
40% to 60%

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